Blazing Color is currently celebrating 15 years in business. This may not sound like a long time but we have a cumulative knowledge of over 120 years in the field of printing. For a small company in Southern Illinois this speaks volumes about our dedication to the customers needs. Over the years we have seen many changes in ink on paper production. While conventional printing is still the most common it is being overtaken by digital alternatives. Of course we still use the tried and true ink on paper but we have also embraced the new technology. Our experience with both of these worlds has taught us to utilize the best and most cost effective method of print available. This attention to our customers bottom line allows us to be competitive in this ever changing business.

In today's cost conscious environment we constantly look for better quality and faster turn around. We achieve this by finding the most cost effective materials and methods available to give the finished product the desired look. Given our knowledge in print, we know what works well with minimal problems. If problems do arise we can think on our feet and solve the problem without bothering the client. We worry about you job so you don't have to.

We will ask you many questions before we quote a price. Many factors can influence the final cost, and you will find some discussion about this in our FAQ area. Anyone can give you a quick price then when the job is in production the bill keeps growing due to '
unseen' factors. At Blazing Color we always do our best to give you the lowest price but at times we cannot. We don't blame you for going with a cheaper price. At the same time we are confident you will come back to Blazing Color for your next job. Cheap price does not mean quality. Blazing Color will always give you the quickest turn around and best quality for your money. Our goal is to make you a long term loyal customer that comes back and refers us to your friends as well.

Look around, kick the tires and take us for a test drive. We know you'll like what you see once you try us. Go ahead, take a chance. You know you want to.


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