Print on hard can it be?

We have worked in printing for so many years we bleed ink. Having worked with large companies gave us the opportunity to work on some of the largest and fastest printing presses capable of printing millions of copies in all sorts of formats. Working with small companies gave us the knowledge to deal with shorter runs and the problems that this can create.

What we bring to your printing project is years of experience in all phases of print. This experience was gained by starting at the lowest job on the press to eventually working in corporate management. You’ll receive all the benefits of working with a large talent base but one with a hometown feel. All this adds up to cost savings for you and a printed piece you can be proud to show. Give us a challenge and we will show you what years of experience means to you.

Over the years we have grown from just being printers to doing all sorts of print related jobs. We now make color and black and white copies on our high speed Xerox copiers. Our T-shirt business has allowed our customers to be creative and buy just one shirt or many in their own custom design. Embroidery seemed like the next logical step to produce unique sewn garments, bags and hats. We have sewn on some truly strange items. Our latest addition is sign making. Our printer/cutter does many things very well and we use it to its maximum potential. We can produce large vinyl signs on weatherproof materials. Political or construction yard signs are always popular. Large window clings and cut vinyl for application to car or truck windows is a snap. We can also produce very large banners with this new machine using eco-friendly inks which are guaranteed to last outdoors for up to five years.

As you can see, we at Blazing Color adapt to the ever changing business world we live in. By never standing still we continue to offer our customers unique and quality printed and sewn pieces they cannot find anywhere else in the area.


The cost of using a home inkjet printer to print an average letter size page using moderate color ink coverage is approximately 20¢ not including the paper used. Now try printing several hundered pages (which would take several days or weeks) and you'll most likely need to replace the print head. This might cost more than replacing the entire printer. Still want to print at home?

Johannes Gutenberg adapted a wine press to make the first printing press in about 1439. Instead of pressing grapes, the equipment pressed metal letter forms onto sheets of paper, parchment, or vellum. Gutenberg was a professional goldsmith who used his metalworking skills to make the first set of movable type in Europe!

It was the introduction of both the Apple LaserWriter, a PostScript desktop printer, and Aldus PageMaker (now Adobe) that kicked off the Desktop Publishing revolution.

Across the world, over 45 trillion pages (2005 figure) are printed annually.[8] In 2006 there were approximately 30,700 printing companies in the United States.

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