Ken Wagner

Ken is the owner and founder of Blazing Color which was formed in 1996. His background in the printing arts is quite varied and has seen many changes in the way print is produced. He began at Spartan Printing (a division of then World Color Press) where he began in the pressroom. He worked in many areas of print production which included pre-press, customer service, sales and management. His desire to make the customers needs a priority made the decision to found Blazing Color possible. Ken's duties covers all of normal functions of an owner while still working at his computer pumping out jobs and keeping his dream of customer satisfaction a reality.

Melvin Howie

Melvin joined Blazing Color early on. Melvin also comes from a Spartan Printing background. Working in the pressroom and the pre-press department and eventually working for companies in St. Louis. His experience and work ethic are second to none. He is team leader of our packaging area lending his expertise in trapping color to color in this very demanding area of our business. I have never found a job Melvin could not do and do well. His devotion to making sure the job is right makes him a valuable asset to Blazing Color and its customers.

Randy Evers

Randy also came from Spartan Printing roots. He has worked on many types of presses during his years at Sparta and beyond. He comes to Blazing Color as our lead pressman and also handles most of our bindery efforts. Randy is a multi talented person and has lent his skills as an at home woodworker to many projects in house and out. When anyone here needs a hand with any maintenance issues or making sure something is working properly Randy is there lending a hand.

Rebecca Wagner

Rebecca came to Blazing Color and took over office duties with great gusto. Her need for a neat and tidy office area is a constant thorn in Ken's side since his area is often scattered with papers. She is very detail oriented and efficient in making sure we are kept in supplies and paper and making sure our invoices are sent out in a timely manner. She also handles most of our job quotes and greeting of customers both on the phones and walk ins. As with all of our employees, she helps out in any area that needs a hand. Without her I'm sure we would be up to our ears in scattered mess.

Mariah Bargman

Mariah is our most recent addition and brings her experience as a graphic designer to our group. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised by her eye for design and layout. Bring an idea or concept of what you are looking for and Mariah gives them two dimensional reality. Her color training gives our customer an eye appealing piece which is laid out to be readable and consistent. No matter what printed piece you are trying to produce she will make it stand out in a crowd.

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